6 Hazardous Materials Typically Found in Demolition Waste

When you demolish a residential or commercial property, the waste is piled high and often includes harmful materials that need to be handled carefully. Here are some of those toxic substances listed by Westchester Junk Removal experts:
1) Mercury
Many of the items found in residential demolition debris contain mercury, which is highly toxic to both people and the environment. These materials should be handled with care and sent for recycling since they can contaminate other things if not done properly. Items containing mercury must be separated from any others so that it doesn’t get mixed up or accidentally used by anyone else out there who may come across them. A Westchester Junk Removal service will help you handle these hazardous goods quickly without a mess!
2) Chemicals in Electronic Waste
Every home and office will use a number of electronic devices such as stereo equipment, computers, cell phones, televisions. The monitors of old computers and televisions are made out of cathode ray tubes that have nearly 4 pounds worth lead in them. Other hazardous substances involved with this process include cadmium, mercury, chromium, zinc, beryllium, among many more items which is why it’s important to only hire credible junk removal companies when getting rid or your e-waste!
3) Refrigerant in Appliances
It is important to be mindful of what needs to be done when a property will soon be demolished. Items like furnaces, water heaters and more should all be moved away from the property before demolition in order to reduce refrigerant waste. Appliances containing refrigerants such as freezers, air conditioners or even refrigerators can either be repaired for reuse if possible otherwise they’ll need to be recycled.
4) Lead in Paint
Residential properties that are old can contain lead paint. Lead is dangerous for your health, so it’s important to have a safe demolition process with many precautions in place like frequent cleanup and preventing dust from spreading outside the worksite during or after demolitions.
5) Hazardous Household Waste
Some household items can be hazardous, but they should not be disposed of down the drain. Hazardous materials include paint, car batteries and disinfectants. These substances are toxic or corrosive when they come into contact with water; therefore it is advised that these items do not end up in a natural body of water where animals and people could easily drink from them. 
6) Lighting Systems
Like many common household goods, light systems can contain mercury. Discharge lamps, ultraviolet lights, neon bulbs and fluorescent lighting all have the potential to contaminate your home with this hazardous chemical—especially if you don’t dispose of them properly! The professionals at Westchester Junk Removal know just how to handle these items so they’re safe for everyone in your family and anyone else who may come into contact with those products later on down the line.
A good junk removal service in Westchester is available for hazardous waste, too. If you’re looking to have a number of items disposed of safely and quickly then contact our certified professionals today!

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